The DeepLore

The year is 2006. You are Bruno, a cobbler in Argentina. TOMS shoes has capitalized on Argentinian poverty in order to market their cheap shoes to privileged Portland college students who want to feel morally righteous without changing their consumption habits. As a result, the local market for footwear in Argentina has been flooded with donated TOMS, completely capsizing the Argentinian shoe industry. Your business collapses and your entire inventory is repossessed. They took everything from you - but there's still hope. You've still got your shoemaking expertise. You have only one goal now: pull yourself up by the bootstraps and into the middle class.


This is a WarioWare-esque rhythm game. Please turn your sound on. Push either the left or right arrow keys to the beat. If the boot is on the left, push the left key. If on the right, push the right key. Think of it as counting to three, where you push the key on beat three. If you miss a beat, you lose! Can you make it all the way to the moon?

Ludum Dare Project


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I added perfect streak counting and tutorial text post-jam.

I got to 3k ft, and where is the milky way???

I only had 72 hours! :P